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Cape-Able Bikes

Address: 83 Arundel Rd, Kennebunkport, Maine, 04046

Phone number: 207-967-4382

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Abc Bikes

Address: 2900 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, California, 90058

Phone number: 323-589-6200

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Predator Cycling

Address: Unit 57, 2834 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, California, 90404

Phone number: 310-829-6464

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Harbor Country Bike

Address: 211 South Whittaker, New Buffalo, Michigan, 49117

Phone number: 877-410-5150

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Abici Bikes

Address: 31139 Via Colinas, Thousand Oaks, California, 91362

Phone number: 818-264-3895

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Abilities First Cycles

Address: 9458 Deschutes Rd, Palo Cedro, California, 96073

Phone number: 530-547-4778

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A Bicycle Odyssey

Address: 1417 Bridgeway, Marin City, California, 94965

Phone number: 415-332-3050

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Bike Island

Address: 2901 North Central Expressway, Plano, Texas, 75075

Phone number: 972-272-3627

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6th Street Bike Shop

Address: 3601 Market St, Riverside, California, 92501

Phone number: 951-222-2094

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A Ukiah Bike Center

Address: 178 E Gobbi St, Ukiah, California, 95482

Phone number: 707-462-2686

User Submitted Tips

  • I have an old bike that is still in pretty good shape, but I need to replace the tires. I've done some research, and there are a ton of choices out there! Two basic tires seem to dominate: smooth tires or textured tires. However, they both have their drawbacks. Smooth tires are better for long trips, and they are easier to steer. But, they aren't quite as stable as off-road tires. With so many options, I have decided the best way to choose a new tire for my bike is to research, ask questions, and narrow down my choices to the two that would work best for me. Then, I am going to compare prices, because, after all, money talks!
  • My son recently got a flat tire on his bike, and I hated having to spend money having someone else fix it. So, I did some research and found that changing flat tires on a bike is pretty easy. All it takes is some patience and a little time. There are step-by-step instructions available on the Internet and most of them come with pictures, which is quite helpful. The tools are pretty simple too: a patch, some glue, an air pump, and a plastic tire lever. By following the instructions on-line, I was able to have my son's bike tire repaired in about 30 minutes-and it saved me some money too!
  • When I was a kid I had a basic bicycle, and if I was lucky, a basket on the front. Nowadays, there are so many bicycle accessories available to really spruce up an ordinary bike. There are really cool baskets, racks, lights, radios, horns, special seats and more. The accessory that amazes me the most is the bicycle computer. That's right, computer! The most basic of these little gadgets come with information like speed and mileage. The more advanced offers features like GPS. Bicycle computers are for the very serious bicyclist but would be fun for anyone who enjoys riding a bicycle.
  • I bought my bad road rage freestyle front row off road bike this week. Love it! How I found it is my own sweet intelligent campaign of study. Yeah, you want a good bike you have to hunt one down boss. The price is the main conversational query I have in the bike world; too expensive for the common rider. I bought my bike online at a great discount, but I have seen some real rip off deals out there. Promise the bike world and hand you the dead flat tire of nothing.
  • I love riding bikes with my family, but I found that it could be very frustrating to ride on trails in the park with my regular road bike (and my two sons love riding "off-road," making it hard for me to keep up!) But, my problems have been solved! I recently found a hybrid bike at my local sport shop. This bike is perfect! It combines a mountain bike with a road bike. The tires are a bit bigger, and so I get more traction for the off-road riding. But, it is still easy to steer, and the bike is still pretty light-like my road bike. Now, I can keep up with my boys-at least most of the time!
  • Buying a bicycle is no basic business. Upon entering a bicycle shop I immediately knew I would be spending some time deciding which bicycle would be best. There was broad range of bicycle types. My son wanted a dirt bike, so I ended up purchasing a BMX bicycle. This was done after many questions and much contemplation. BMX bicycles are lightweight and full blown dirt bikes. Even after choosing to get a BMX there were still more decisions to be made. These bikes come in different body styles and frames. I found out that the preferred frame is made of aluminum because it is lightweight. I went with a three-piece crank as opposed to a one piece to ensure proper torque. After I left the store, I had pretty much built a custom bike for my son. He is very pleased with his new bicycle.
  • I'm an off road weekend warrior with my mountain bike. These fly by night, clubs of blokes dressed up in bike gear make me sick. I'm a true road warrior of the mountain bike. I love the freedom of riding off of the beaten path. If I were you, I would totally try some mountain bicycle rides. They can't be beat. Mountain bikes offer the adventure you can't have with other types of bicycles. They let you experience nature. So, get off your sissy bike, and start riding off-road. Go mountain biking. You'll love it!
  • I love the outdoors; there is something magical about getting up before the sun and the feeling of cool air on your face. The mountains are a perfect spot for someone who loves to bike, there are countless trails, both paved and not to enjoy a ride. Road bike groups are particularly large in the mountains and surrounding areas. My favorite is speeding down the road at 40 mph with the wind stinging my eyes and taking my breath, it feels like flying! My new bike set me back a good portion, even though they range quite a bit-my newest addition was just over $7,000. Although, to me, it's a small price to pay for all the beauty I get to see when I ride.
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